Our company provides transport using all types of trucks in order to reduce transport costs to a minimum.

Besides standard 13.6 m trucks, a large share of our shipments are transported using low deck semitrailers with an interior height of 3 m (100 cbm). With lighter goods, we also utilise jumbo rigs, which have 38 pallet positions and thanks to an interior height of 3 m, can carry 120 cbm of cargo.

These large capacity trucks are always equipped with a roof lifting mechanism, so that it is possible to load even pallets of a height of 3.00 m.

These trucks have basic insurance for goods transport up to a value of CZK 5,000,000 and it is possible to additionally insure the freight upon request.

A major part of the fleet is equipped with ADR accessories and we do not increase transport charges for this service.

Our customers have many specific requirements, which we can properly implement also thanks to our cooperation with them.

JIT – just in time, transport precisely at the time given (time windows), we are able to send a vehicle according to an accurately determined time, which is most frequently required in the automotive industry.

We also implement transport for the food industry and thus our drivers are used to taking care of the cleanliness of the freight area.

In case of need, we are able to secure assistance during loading/unloading – better to report in advance.

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