Express deliveries

20 percent of our deliveries constitute express transport for automotive. Despite high intensity of these deliveries, we charge our customers the same prices as in case of standard deliveries. We also carry out express deliveries for other sectors, especially food-processing industry and consumer goods. We are able to implement 50% of express deliveries at the same prices as the groupage operators. This is mainly due to the high frequency of our groupage lines where it is often possible to add express goods, but still meet the delivery time.


Groupage is one of the essential services provided by every first-rate forwarder. We are able to organise quality transportation of both small and large cargo within the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia.

We offer a system that combines the advantages of regular groupage lines and direct loading and unloading according to the customer requirements and specifications.

We offer services in collaboration with our foreign affiliates and use the services of foreign suppliers and their terminals.

The greatest advantage of a groupage line is, of course, cost saving and delivery to the customer. We are able to neutralise the groupage as if the cargo was dispatched directly from your warehouse.

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